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5/29/2021: The lab welcomes rotation student Seiya!

5/29/2021: The lab welcomes new postdoc Tuya!

4/26/2021: The lab welcomes new graduate students Chiamaka and Zeinab!

3/5/2021: Check out our lab trailer for the upcoming graduate student recruitment weekend!

11/21/2020: The lab welcomes new graduate student Hisham!

10/2/2020: The lab welcomes rotation students: Sydney, Catherine, and Ellen!

8/19/2020: The lab welcomes new undergraduate student Eve and Elizabeth!

8/11/2020: The lab welcomes rotations students: Hunter and Hisham!

7/16/2020: The Ohata lab is looking for undergraduates, graduate students, research assistants, and postdoctoral researchers.